October Multi-Family Rate Promotions

Oct rate specials

A lot of exciting things are happening at Stronghill Capital this month. We’ve lowered our rates to 4.625% as low as 4.250% [November announcement] and to help get the word out we are running two October specials for all Multi-Family loans.

First up, our yield spread premium special of up to one point, is now available at our par rates on all multi-family secured loans. Our par rate pricing special won’t last past October so be sure to register as a broker today in order to take advantage of this deal.

Additionally, we are offering a 12.5 basis point discount on rate sheet rates on all multi-family loans. This is a great way to pass on further value to your customers

October is a great month to get all your loans funded before the end of year and the holiday season starts to kick off. To sign up as a registered broker, call us at (888) 879-8713 or access our Rates and Resources section where you can download the latest rate sheets as well as a broker registration packet.