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How to make it as a real estate investor

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It’s not easy to be a successful real estate investor. Read up on our top four ways to make it in this business.

1. Know your deals.

You should be looking at a lot of deals and know when a good one comes up. Many won’t make sense and the ones where you’ll make money won’t last for long. once you spot one, grab it before the next investor has a chance to. Also, make sure you know the local markets. Be familiar with specific neighborhoods that are profitable and know the ins and outs of them. All too often, people lose money buying on a snap decision because the area “seems nice”. Know the market be patient and you’ll have a leg up on competitors.

2. Funding.

If you have secure funding, you’ll be able to move quickly on deals. Banks often can’t make a loan quickly enough, or they might not see the value in a property. This is why companies like ours exist.  Make sure to know where you’re getting your money and that you can get it fast.

3. Be willing to take risks.

Real estate investments often don’t go as planned and can cause a great deal of stress. Especially if you’re dealing with renovations, you can expect the unexpected and know your timeline will probably get derailed. Patience is key in real estate investing. If you aren’t ready to think long-term, then real estate investing might not be right for you.

4. Be realistic.

One of the biggest problems you face is thinking too positively about your investment and valuing it higher than you should. Don’t compare it to the property that sold for a premium down the street. Make sure you get the property below market value and be realistic when setting a goal price.