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Alternative to Bank

Wholesale channel product secured by 5+ unit multi-family or mixed use collateral closes quickly, is priced near bank rates, and offers less demanding underwriting than bank or agency products.

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Secure new heights with a multi-family loan

The Stronghill Multi-family loan program is for properties with five or more attached residential units. Our best rates are for properties with cash flow that easily supports the debt service, but we also have asset-based programs for transitional, repurposed or low vacancy properties.

Mixed-Use properties with five or more units qualify for our multi-family program if the majority of the rental income comes from the residential units.

Loan Size $300,000 – $5,000,000
LTV Max / DSCR Min 75% / 1.20x
Rates Starting in the 5%s
Rate Adjustments Credit Score, Loan Size, Market Size
Amortization/Term 5, 7, 10-Year Fixed Rate, 30-Year Amortization/Term
Property Types Multi-Family 5+ Units (7+ In NJ), Mixed Use (50%+ Must Be Residential)
Prepayment Premiums 3-Year Lock Out (Excluding Sale) with Descending Prepayment
Recourse Required (Limited Available)
Minimum Credit Score 660
Lender Fees 1-2%

Alternative to Bank

Stronghill’s innovative Alternative to Bank (A2B) programs provide capital to borrowers seeking unmatched real estate financing without the time, paperwork, and uncertainty of bank loans.

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Whether you're looking to refinance an existing property or start something new, Stronghill Capital has a loan that will fit your needs.