Loan Solutions

Specialized Loan Solutions for Small Balance Commercial Real Estate Financing

Stronghill Capital offers multiple loan services for commercial, multifamily, and investment residential properties. We offer flexible terms for loan pricing dependent upon criteria such as the property type, credit scores, net worth / liquidity, loan purpose, and market.


The Stronghill Commercial and Multi-Family loan service is for financing commercial and multi-family properties such as warehouses, office buildings, retail stores, and properties with five or more residential units.

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Single family residential (1-4 units) investment property loans for rental homes, condos and townhomes with long-term leases. Stronghill offers tailored financing for the expansion of a rental portfolio.

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Single family residential (1-4 units) investment property loans for short stay properties. Specialized financing for when traditional rental loan requirements don’t apply to short stay properties.

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Stronghill’s Transactional Funding loan program is for short-term same day close purchase and sale of investment properties. Perfect for a client with a residential or commercial property that is secured by an option contract.

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The Stronghill Asset Based loan program provides financing to borrowers that may not otherwise qualify for loans on their property. If you have a Texas property generating income, our Asset Based loan program is for you.

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Grow to new property heights with a Stronghill Multifamily loan. Attached residential living with five or more units qualify. Multifamily properties can be the next level for you or your clients’ holdings.

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The Stronghill Commercial loan program is for acquiring, rehabbing, or getting cash out of commercial properties such as warehouses, office buildings, retail stores, and other buildings with commercial use.

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Additional Programs

Stronghill offers additional loan programs to suit your needs. Included are Lite Doc, Market Cash flow and Bridge loans.

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