Investment Residential

Loans for 1-4 unit Investor Rentals

The Stronghill investor 1-4 unit loans cover single-family, duplexes, triplexes and quadplexes.  If more than four units are attached, then our Multifamily Loan Program is for you.

Stronghill has great products for investors with a portfolio of rentals. We don’t limit the size of your portfolio and can work with you to help grow your portfolio. With rising property values, many of our clients leverage their equity appreciation to purchase more rental properties. Talk to us about how we can help expand your rental holdings or move from single-family to multi-family properties.

We have programs which use property cash flows or estimated market cash flows to underwrite income rather than personal income allowing rental aggregators to do what they do best, grow their portfolio without bank underwriting DTI limitations. Additionally we offer bridge and fix and flip loans for borrowers seeking short term repositioning purpose loans as well as seasonal rent adjusted products for owners of short term rental vacation properties.

We invite clients to experience the ease of our lending process. We make it simple and deliver a fast turnaround on real estate financing at a reasonable rate. We close quickly with the peace of mind that Stronghill Capital delivers.

Portfolio Loan Details

Loan Size $500,000 – $5,000,000
LTV Max / DSCR Min 75% / 1.20x on Portfolio
Rates 6.00%+
Rate Adjustments Term, Recourse
Amortization / Term 5, 7, 10-Year Fixed Rate/Term, 30- Year Amortization. I/O Considered
Prepayment Premiums Descending % (3/2/1 on a 5-Year Fixed)
Property Types Pooled Rental Single Family Residences (No Owner or Owner- Related Occupants)
Recourse Required (Unless Bought Out)
Minimum Credit Score 660
Lender Fees 0-1%
Borrower Experience Required 1 Year
Underwriting 30-Day Seasoning

Stabilized Investment Details

Loan Size $150,000 – $5,000,000
LTV Max / DSCR Min 80% (75% on Refis) / 0.80X
Rates 6.25%+
Rate Adjustments Loan Size, Prepay, Lease Status, DSCR
Amortization / Term 5, 7, 30-Year Fixed Rate, 30-Year Amortization/Term
Prepayment Premiums Descending % (4/3/2/1 on a 5-Year Fixed)
Property Types Individual or Small Portfolios of Investment Residences (No Owner or Owner-Related Occupants)
Recourse Required
Minimum Credit Score 640
Lender Fees 1-2%
Borrower Experience Required 1 Year
Underwriting No Tax Returns or Personal DTI, 30-Day Seasoning