Commercial Property Loans

We’ve got you covered for commercial property lending

The Stronghill Commercial Property loan program is designed for small balance commercial real estate (non-residential or multi-family) investment properties such as office buildings, retail space, warehouses, and many special purpose buildings. Our best terms are for properties with cash flow that easily supports the debt service, but we also have asset-based programs for transitional, repurposed or low vacancy properties. Call us to discuss your needs.

Many of our customers utilize our loan programs to reinvest in their business, to expand to new locations, or simply for additional working capital. At Stronghill Capital we know what it’s like to be a small business or sub $5MM property owner. We understand the differences between these borrowers and their representatives rather than institutional agency borrowers such as SBA or CMBS. We have structured programs and the expertise to serve our clients within the small balance commercial real estate market. Consequently, we understand your needs and have put together loan programs designed for you.

Loan Program Details

Loan Size $300,000 – $5,000,000
LTV Max / DSCR Min 70% / 1.30x
Rates 6.50%+
Rate Adjustments Credit Score, Loan Size, Market Size
Amortization/Term 5, 7, 10-Year Fixed Rate, 30-Year Amortization/Term
Property Types Retail, Light Industrial, Office, Self Storage, Warehouse, Commercial Condo, Flex Space, Mobile Home Parks (Pad Income Only), Stabilized Owner-Occupied or Investment. No Automotive, Limited Special Purpose
Prepayment Premiums 3-Year Lock Out (Excluding Sale) with Descending Prepayment
Recourse Required (Limited Available)
Minimum Credit Score 660
Lender Fees 1-2%