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Commercial Real Estate Loans for Investors


Great real estate investment opportunities abound, but sometimes securing traditional financing—and getting the financing quickly—is harder than it should be. Stronghill Capital was created to solve this. Our loans are perfect for investors who need capital quickly or who may have trouble securing financing through traditional routes. We have faster closes, fewer hoops for you to jump through, and flexible terms, unlike a traditional bank.

Our loans aren’t based on borrower credit scores like a traditional loan.  Instead we base our loans on the value of the property that secures the loan. This means that people with all credit scores, including bad credit scores, can get a loan from us. We try to understand each client’s story individually rather than looking at clients as just a credit score.

Because these loans aren’t traditional loans that must meet the criteria of a bank or government entity, we can be more flexible throughout the process. However, the reduced regulation also means you need to be careful of scams and fraud when you choose a lender. As a rule, you should never give money to any lender directly, though you may need to pay for certain services such as appraisals directly to the service providers.

Maybe you’re looking at a rental property and can’t get financing from a bank because your credit is bad, or you find a new investment property that will go quickly if you don’t act right away. We can step in and get you the money quickly to secure these investments. We’re happy to help and just a phone call or e-mail away. Even if you aren’t sure what type of lender you need, we are happy to suggest another lender if we are not the right type of lender for you.