Rates now starting at 4.250%.
Whether you are working to expand your business or seeking a reliable partner to work with side-by-side, Stronghill has you covered with competitive lending programs to help you grow your business.

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Certainty of Close.

Our national lending products are customized to your clients’ needs because we understand that no two borrowers are the same. And once we say we can close a loan, we will. We are commited to your success.

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Multi-Family Rate Specials

Registered brokers are eligible to earn a yield spread premium of up to one point on multi-family secured loans at our par rates.

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Announcing Our YSP Program

Qualifying brokers can earn up to 1 point in our initial rollout of the Stronghill Capital Yield Spread Premium program.

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Loan programs available for all your needs.

Commercial and Multi-Family | Investment Residential | Short-Term Rental

Our competitive national loan programs for investment residential, multi-family and commercial properties can be custom-tailored to best meet your and your clients’ deal requirements.

Sample Terms and Rates based on Multi-Family and Commercial property lending

We offer competitive rates and a wide range of loan programs so you always have a solution. Below are some of the sample terms and rates we offer across our products.

Loan Size $250,000 – $3,500,000
Loan Purpose Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out Refinance
LTV Maximum 75%
Rates Starting at 4.250%
Amortization/Term 5, 7, 10-Year Hybrid (ARMS)
Property Types Multi-Family (5+ Units), Mixed Uses, Office, Retail, Light Industrial/Warehouse, Self-Storage, Commercial Condo, Mobile Home Parks
Borrower Types Individuals, Corporations, LLCs, Foreign Nationals. (Some loans require single entity LLC)
Prepayment Premiums Descending Step-Down Prepayment
Recourse Required (Limited Available)
Minimum Credit Score 620
YSP Available for Registered Brokers

Up to date Rate Sheets

We publish timely rate sheets to keep you informed with the latest rate and program information. Registered brokers receive access to the rate sheets available on our site.

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