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The Stronghill Advantage

Two people shaking handsStronghill Capital specializes in commercial and residential investment real estate loans with flexible terms for borrowers to secure new property, to increase the value of existing property, or to acquire capital for running a business. We are committed to working with all types of borrowers no matter what your background may be. The commercial real estate world can be hard to navigate on your own, but we have years of experience to help you get the loan you need.

Stronghill Capital is a direct lender with a number of loan programs designed to meet most residential investment and commercial real estate lending needs.  As a direct lender, we have the ability to make approval decisions on our own and to do so quickly.  We pride ourselves on fast closes, fewer hoops, and flexible terms.

While all of our loans are backed by the value of existing real estate, our loan programs are often used to finance a variety of investment projects, such as:

  • Property purchases
  • Rehab/updates
  • Cash-out
  • Refinances
  • Property repositioning
  • Working capital expansion

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Loan programs

We offer four loan programs for borrowers.

Stronghill Investor 1-4 Unit

Single family residence (1-4 units) loans for rental homes, condos and townhomes. Stronghill has programs tailored for you or your clients to expand a rental portfolio.

Read more about the Stronghill Investor 1-4 Unit loan program.

Stronghill Multifamily

Grow to new property heights with a Stronghill Multifamily loan. Attached residential living with five or more units qualify. Multifamily properties can be the next level for you or your clients’ holdings.

Read more about the Stronghill Multifamily loan program.

Stronghill Commercial

The Stronghill Commercial loan program is for acquiring, rehabbing, or getting cash out of commercial properties such as warehouses, office buildings, retail stores, and other buildings with commercial use.

Read more about the Stronghill Commercial loan program.

Stronghill Asset Based

The Stronghill Asset Based loan program provides financing to borrowers that may not otherwise qualify for loans on their property due to self-employment, no seasoning, poor credit, nationality, or any other reason. If you have a good property generating income, our Asset Based loan program is for you.

Read more about the Stronghill Asset Based loan program.