About Us

Welcome to Stronghill Capital

Stronghill Capital is an opinionated small-balance commercial real estate direct lender offering brokers, correspondents, Channel and Capital Partners, and borrowers a predictable process that leads to certain results that everyone in our orbit can rely upon. We are building a self-sufficient and resilient enterprise, and are committed to delivering a delightful client experience that leads to long lasting partnerships. The firm’s partners can rely upon Stronghill to help execute their own strategic initiatives better, faster and more effectively.

We offer multiple loan solutions to finance income producing real estate:

  1. Commercial and Multi-Family
  2. Investment Residential
  3. Short-term Rental

We are known for our:


Our focus is on building and maintaining long-term relationships with our partners by being reliable.


Our enterprise is optimized to deliver a predictable process that our partners can depend on, with communication at every step.


Our leadership incorporates well-opinionated real estate experts with multi-billion dollar experience in asset management and lending.

Stronghill Capital is a National Direct Lender headquartered in Austin, Texas with a mission to build and maintain reliable long-term relationships with borrowers and intermediaries to support their commercial real estate borrowing needs deal after deal.

To learn about our company's leadership, visit our management team page.

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